Jeanne Miller

How important is your nose in sensing flavor? Try this: hold your nose while beginning to chew a jelly bean. Release your nose and see how the flavor changes.

Food Science

Chapter 1     A Matter of Taste
How your tongue and nose work together when you eat.

Chapter 2     The Science of Cooking
Chefs study the chemistry of foods to invent new dishes and make classic dishes in new ways.

Chapter 3     Fake Food
The food industry works to create tasty and healthful substitutes for sugar, salt, and fat.

Chapter 4     Slowwww Food
Fighting factory-style food production, from the farm to the table.

Chapter 5     Foods of the Future
Food as medicine: looking for the connections between foods and health.

Selected Works

Book - Nonfiction
The science behind raising, preparing, and enjoying food.
Magazine Nonfiction
An unexpected birth thrusts Oakland Zoo staff members into the role of pachyderm parents.
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