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I've always loved reading about science. Writing about it for young people allows me to delve deeply into subjects and to share my enthusiasm with others. Each of my works represents some area of science that I've enjoyed learning about. From elusive electrons to the accelerating Universe, from mapping the human body to mapping the Earth, from ice ages to volcanoes, from orphan elephants to feral pigs, tracking down what scientists are discovering about us and our world is an endless adventure.*

Please come in and browse. Click on the tabs to find out more about me and my work.


*I was honored to be the recipient of the American Association for the Advancement of Science's AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award in the Children's Science News category in 2018 for an article in Muse magazine about the campaign to eradicate Guinea worm disease. I was also an awardee in 2011 for an article in Odyssey magazine about old-growth redwood trees.


The AAAS Science Journalism Award web page has an article about me here: "Jeanne Miller: A Life Writing About Science for Children"